Tuesday, June 21, 2011


SHE'S EVERY coach's nightmare. Meet uber suburban mom Janet Chiauzzi, 44, of Long Island. Seems Janet has staked a lot in her son's Little League career. So much that she sent letters threatening series violence to league officials and the coach after sonny was cut. Oh, and for good measure she threw in vicious threats against the coach's wife and teen daughter. And... she allegedly sent letters claiming the coach was sexually abusing his kids.
One of the letters read: "This is a warning to you, and then she names
the man, to step down as manager of the 11 year old travel team and get the hell out of East Meadow baseball all together. You and your son have no business being associated with the travel team...  if the board doesn't pursue any action against you, I'm personally making it my goal to make sure and your family suffers dearly. You will be rotting in hell soon. I will make it happen,"
Our Janet also sent a letter directly to coach's son, who by the way is 11, warning that his family was "going to suffer dearly" and that the young lad will be "rotting in hell." Nice.
But now mom has struck out with the cops. MORE ON THE MAD MOM OF LONG ISLAND LITTLE LEAGUE

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