Thursday, March 17, 2011


A BEAUTIFUL, talented and extremely popular Rutgers student has been beaten to death by her boyfriend.
Pamela Schmidt's body was found in the basement bedroom of her boyfriend William Parisio, a fellow student at the prestigious university with a history of substance abuse and mental illness.
It's believed Parisio, who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder had been taking bath salts, the latest wave of over-the-counter chemicals used to get high.
His mother Dianna, who discovered the body at around noon Sunday said they made her son incredibly paranoid after taking them.
It's thought he'd been taking bath salts, which can cause
hallucinations, for the past three months.
She said: "Bill is an example of the devastation that this drug causes in people’s lives. We're not going to say 'oh, poor Bill'. This kid has had more opportunities than anyone.
"Whatever happens is going to happen to him."
She added that the family will not be posting bail or paying for his legal defense.
Schmidt was due to graduate at the university this May with a degree in psychology and labor studies. She was set to enrol in a master's degree programme in human resource management at Rutgers in the autumn.
Dianna Parisios said Schmidt was like a daughter to her adding: "She was a very pleasant, Type A person. Any success Bill had could be related to Pam."
She said after she went to bed on Saturday she reminded her son to take his medication for his bipolar disorder.
He told her he would take it later because the drug caused him to go to sleep, she said.
The following morning she had trouble waking him. Then she found the body.
The couple had been dating for more than four years and interned together at Sirius XM radio in New York last year.

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