Wednesday, October 1, 2014

MUGSHOT MANIA! No, no! Don't ink the whole head

Like a child who becomes frustrated when the crayon goes beyond the line, it appears the tattooist responsible for our friend Forsaken had his own tantrum. Forsaken. Indeed.

'Gutless' Eric Frein left 'functional' bombs in woods

"Gutless" cop-killer Eric Frein planted two "fully functional" pipe bombs in the dense Pennsylvania woods, police said.
State Police Lt. Col. George Bivens said that the explosives could have been detonated by a tripwire or lighted fuse.
He added that this was consistent with the crazy survivalist's "gutless efforts to kill and injure law enforcement from a distance."
Officers searching for Frein had also found other supplies that the fugitive had "hastily" left behind but he did not say what they were.
I'm calling on you to surrender," Bivens said. "You are clearly stressed. You are making significant mistakes."

'Cold Blooded' Paul Curry guilty of wife's 1994 murder

A "vicious, cold blooded" former nuclear engineer who was driven by an "insatiable appetite for money" was convicted of the 1994 murder of his wife.
Paul Curry gave a sleeping pill to his wife Linda and then poisoned her with a shot of nicotine because he wanted the $547.695 payout from her life insurance policy, prosecutors said.
Read more at Cold Case USA

Creepy Joran van der Sloot becomes a baby daddy

Proud Momma
Deadly Daddy. 
THAT POOR KID. The prime suspect in the disappearance of American teen Natalee Holloway has become a father behind bars, where he is serving time for another murder. 
Creepy dutch killer Joran van der Sloot has called the eight-pound baby girl Dushy after his grandmother, his attorney Maximo Altez said. 
However, he will not be able to see the girl or his wife Leydi Figueroa who had a natural birth at Lima's Perinatal and Maternity Hospital for some time.

Teacher Sean Shaynak's lurid sex with teen harem

He was supposed to be teaching them maths and physics but perverted Sean Shaynak was much more interested in sex-ed with several of his female students, according to New York prosecutors.
In a 36 count indictment, they allege that the 44-year-old father of a nine-year-old daughter:

  • Slept with several female students and gave straight A's to one, even though she did no work.
  • Took a teen to gay sex club and made her watch as he was "serviced" by other men. 
  • Forced himself on a student after she resisted his advances. 
  • Plied a girl with so much booze that she passed out at his home.
  • Asked a girl to have lesbian sex with another student.      

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Black Widow Michele Williams killed hubby for ca$h

Happier times: Michele Williams pictured with her third husband, Gregory, on their wedding day - years before the 40-year-old man was found shot in the headFORT WORTH, TEXAS -- A Texas jury has convicted the 45-year-old MILF dubbed the 'Black Widow of Keller' of murdering her wealthy husband for $800,000 in insurance money.  Prosecutors claimed that Michele Williams desperately tried to frame someone else for the 2011 murder of her husband Greg Williams in their posh Fort Worth mansion.  She also tried to make her hubby's death look like a suicide. The jury deliberated for most of the day and when the verdict was read, the cold-hearted killer broke down in tears.

Lawyer Rosanna Heinrichs orders pizza pie; gets DUI

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY --Boozing, driving and ordering a pizza took multi-tasking too far for a pretty brunette lawyer. Cops in Kentucky say legal lovely Rosanna Heinrichs, 27, was swerving and driving in the wee hours of the morning. When cops pulled  'Hottie' Heinrichs over, the civil litigation whiz reeked of booze and sported tell-tale "glossy eyes."
The babe-a-licious barrister confessed to cops she had drank a bottle of beer and half a bottle of wine. Domino's Pizza was on her web browser and she admitted she had been trying to order a pie.
Heinrichs was arrested and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and shit with a communications device violation.

Heidi Fleiss' ex-lesbian lover sues over parrot poo

LOS ANGELES -- Notorious Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss is telling her lesbian lover to flock off. It seems Fleiss -- who entertained Tinseltown luminaries like Charlie Sheen in her day -- has turned her birds loose on gal pal Judy Bailey-Savage. In a she said-she said battle, Bailey-Savage is claiming that Fleiss' pet parrots have destroyed her home, ripping wood and drywall, eating doors and cabinets. Oh, and they pooed all over the place.
Judge, jury and executioner Judy said in her lawsuit: "I am unable to enter the residence to have a contractor give me an estimate  because I am attacked by birds.  I have been bitten on several occasions."

MUGSHOT MANIA! Phil Donahue hits hard times

Yes, the mighty have indeed fallen. It wasn't that long ago that Phil Donahue ruled the daytime airwaves. Now look at him. Sad indeed.

Sex romps with dirty dentist caused hair growth

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- The former secretary for an allegedly twisted Texas dentist says the tooth of the matter is that if she didn't have sex with him he would ruin her. Not only that, Jamie O'Brien's lawsuit said that the dirty dentist, Dr. Jody D. Cremer [really] allegedly recorded the secret trysts while he did the fillings. These sex sessions caused her to grow what she called "unsightly body hair" when the testosterone gel he used to juice his "little erect penis" rubbed off on her.

Donald Trump retweets serial killers after prank

Real estate mogul Donald Trump didn't look too bright after he retweeted a picture of a fan's "parents" which turned out to be British serial killers Fred and Rose West.
Responding to a seemingly innocent request from @feckhead aka Philip Bradbury, he posted a tweet of the "deceased parents" who were "huge fans."

The picture was of the British couple who tortured, raped and murdered numerous victims in their Gloucester home. 
Needless to say Trump was mercilessly mocked by others who picked up on his mistake. 

Porn star Sasha Pain easing Henderson's pain

ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI -- Porn star turned human rights activist Sasha Pain is, uh, putting her money where her mouth is. The webcam queen and two pals drove for 34 hours straight from San Francisco to Henderson -- scene of the police shooting of Michael Brown and deadly rioting. Apparently, the world does indeed need more love, love, love...
"I want people who follow me to have to see it," Pain told the Riverfront Times. "This isn't something that happened to me or in my town, but it's something that happened to a citizen of my country and a son to somebody. That's enough for me to be here. This is what people need to focus on."
Indeed, the star of Real Slut Party 9 and Teen Babysitters 14 says the protests are "peaceful" and "creative."

'Fatal Attraction' poisoner doc gets 10 years

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- A cancer researcher whose affair with a colleague turned into a "fatal attraction" when she laced his coffee with a sweet tasting chemical found in anti-freeze was sentenced to 10-years behind bars.   Breast cancer doctor, Dr. Ana Maria Gonzalez-Angulo was furious that her colleague at Houston's Texas Medical Center, Dr. George Blumenschein had spurned her for his long time live in girlfriend Evette Toney, prosecutors said.
So she poisoned him with ethylene glycol.
During the trial it emerged that Gonzalez-Angulo had lied about being attacked outside her home, in a bid to get Blumenschein to leave his girlfriend, with whom he was planning to start a family.

Real Estate Agent Beverly Carter's body found

LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS -- The body missing real estate agent Beverly Carter has been found in a shallow grave, cops said.
The popular businesswoman went missing after she was supposed to meet an unknown client at a house in her hometown of Little Rock, Ark.
Cops captured prime suspect Arron Lewis Monday but although he admitted to kidnapping Carter after 12-hours of questioning he would not divulge her whereabouts, they said.
However, they have now discovered her remains on a property in Cabot, Ark.  
Lewis' charges will now be ammended to capital murder according to a statement from Pulaski County Sheriff's Office spokesman Lt. Carl Minden.

The new Don Corleone? Meet Frederick Sowell

Watch out Don Corleone.
It's safe to say that teenage carjacker Frederick Sowell did not think through his crime which he decided to carry it out in broad daylight - in a cemetery.
The 18-year-old genius leapt into the running car at the Mount St. Benedict Cemetery in Hartford, Conn. when Anne-Marie Rabbett got out to fetch water for flowers.
He failed to notice the 86-year-old passenger, who managed to jump from the car as he pulled away. She was relatively unscathed.