Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Canadian serial killer Cody Allan Legebokoff gets life

The youngest serial killer in Canadian history will spend the rest of his life behind bars. Cody Allan Legebokoff, 24, went on a bloody rampage through northern British Columbia on Canada's Pacific coast leaving tears in his wake. A jury found Legebokoff guilty last week of first degree murder in the deaths of  Loren Donn Lesliee, 15, Jill Stacey Stuchenko and Cynthia Maas, both 35, and Natasha Lynn Montgomery, 23.

Bizarre Jocelyn Wildenstein sued by former PA

The bizarre New York socialite known at "The Cat Woman" for her plastic surgery penchant and giving onlookers paws, is in hot water.
Jocelyn Wildenstein -- a one-time beauty turned freak show -- is stinking rich but that didn't stop her from stiffing a personal assistant. Now, Geeta Rampersaud says Wildenstein owes her $13,952.31 in wages and expenses but with interest it comes to more than $33,000. The Bride of Wildenstein has exhausted all her appeals.

Child killer Lisa Ann Coleman executed in Texas

UPDATE: Lisa Coleman made the journey to oblivion last night. She received a lethal injection one hour after the U.S. Supreme Court rejected a last-minute appeal to spare her life. Coleman was pronounced dead at 6:24 p.m. CDT.
 EARLIER: Hell is rolling out the red carpet for Lisa Ann Coleman -- slated to be executed Wednesday for the sickening torture murder of  Davontae Williams. The 9-year-old's body was discovered July 26, 2004. 


Blond wig. Check. String bikini. Check. Wax job. Check. Melons masquerading as mammaries. Check. OK, this one left us speechless

PA. cop killer Eric Frein obsessed with Cold War

UPDATE: Cops say killer survivalist Eric Matthew Frein, 31, was obsessed with guns, military reenactments and Warsaw Pact armies from the Cold War. Frein has also shaved his head into a Travis Bickell, Taxi Driver-type Mohawk as "mental preparation" for the cop slaughter he launched at a remote Pennsylvania State Trooper outpost.
 Lt. Col. George Bivens added that Frein "belongs to a military simulation unit. He has his head shaved on the sides with long hair on top."
But Bivens had a message for the accused monster:  "If you are listening to this broadcast while cowering in some cool, damp hiding place, I want you to know know we are coming for you." 

U.S. citizen was recruiting ISIS terrorists: Feds

A U.S. citizen has been charged with trying to recruit people to join the ISIS terror group in Iraq and Syria and the targeting of people, including military personnel closer to home.
Mufid A. Elfgeeh, a naturalized citizen from Yemen was busted when he tried to buy two handguns and silencers from an undercover informant, according to court documents.
The 30-year-old who made a home in Rochester, NY. was already under FBI investigation after posting a series of tweets expressing support for ISIS al Qaeda and other terror groups.  
He also encouraged people to donate a third of their salaries to Jihadists.
But as he attempted to take his plans a step further investigators moved in and busted him.

Alexandria Chery killed by mom's boyfriend: cops

Alexandria Chery
Cops have charged a man with the murder of his girlfriend's 16-year-old daughter almost two-months after her body was found. 
Sanel Saint Simon is alleged to have murdered Alexandria Chery before disposing of her body near their Orange County, Fla. home. 
Chery's family told WFTV that they were relieved that the 43-year-old had been charged with the killing, but nothing would bring the teenager back. 
"My hope is that he spends the rest of his life in jail," Chery's uncle Ray Joseph said of Saint Simon, who had earlier been charged with attempting to destroy evidence, providing false information to law enforcement and felony obstruction of a criminal investigation.

Joseph added: "This great news will not bring Alex back, but it's a great step forward for justice."

NASCAR's Tony Stewart facing grand jury over death

NASCAR star Tony Stewart will have a grand jury decide whether he will charged in the death of a fellow driver in a race in upstate New York, according to a prosecutor.
Ontario County DA Michael Tantillo said he made the decision after reviewing the evidence more than a month after Stewart struck Kevin Ward Jr. at a dirt track race last month.
Stewart said he respected the time authorities spent "investigating this tragic accident," adding that he would continue to provide his full cooperation.

Natalia and Victor Wolf wanted in Florida land scam

WANTED: The FBI are hunting a husband and wife bunko team who fleeced victims for more than $20 million in a Florida land scam. Natalia Wolf and her husband, Victor Wolf established two dozen companies in the Sunshine State -- including the Sky Development Group (SDG) -- which targeted Russian immigrants by smooth-talking them into investing in too good to be true land deals. The feds say the grifters "also resold land that had been previously sold without the knowledge or consent of the owners. The Wolfs also issued fraudulent deeds and other documents to investors and buyers."
The Wolfs were charged with conspiracy to commit mail fraud and wire fraud but have been on the run since 2006. The couple are allegedly German citizens but it's believed they're Back in the USSR -- sorry, Russia. They have ties to Florida, Arkansas, Texas and New York.
If you know their whereabouts contact your local police department or the FBI.