Thursday, April 21, 2011


CAN'T think why she'd want to leave this moron?
After all, it wasn't like he only showed his true colors behind closed doors.
No, Paul Gonzalez showed quite what a jackass he is, in divorce court, when he brutally assaulted his soon-to-be ex-wife right in front of the judge in his chambers.
Gonzalez was apparently wound up about the fact that his wife Catherine Scott-Gonzalez was asking him to pay child support - because that's
Her lawyer Michael Dunleavy explained: "He goes, 'I'm not going to pay child support,' and Judge Rothschild says, 'You know all parents have to pay child support, we all have to support our children,' and he (Gonzalez) stalked out of the room."
On his return Gonzalez, who was representing him and who clearly had an ass for a client, suddenly started punching his estranged wife, according to those in the chambers.
"I just can't believe that it happened -- there are just no words for it," Scott-Gonzalez said.
She suffered a broken nose and a fractured jaw after being beaten by her estranged husband.
She added: "It was from behind, I was blindsided, I was knocked out after the first punch."
The judge said if he had had any indication that Gonzalez was violent, he would have had security in his Plantation, FL, chambers.
Both Scott-Gonzalez and Judge Rothschild said Dunleavy became the hero.
She told CNN: "My lawyer was sitting right next to me, which thank God he was, because he literally saved my life."
Dunleavy said he just reacted by restraining Gonzalez. when he saw his client being hit repeatedly.
The judge then hit the panic button and the idiot was quickly subdued by deputies. 
He has now been charged with a felony battery resulting in great bodily harm, and resisting arrest. and is being held behind bars on $1 million bond and could not be reached Tuesday
Needless to say, a reconciliation between the pair is unlikely.

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