Sunday, May 15, 2011


AFTER Google's BIG meltdown with blogger this week, we are in a mad dash to catch up. Here's a quick hit on some crime news we may have missed because of the great blogger fuck up crash of 2011.
* MTV EXEC'S KILLERS CAUGHT: The LAPD says they have made an arrest in the bizarre shotgun slaying of MTV music coordinator Gabriel Ben-Meir. A 29-year-old Los Angeles woman and her two accomplices have been charged with murder.

* "ONE CLUE AWAY" FROM CRACKING HOLLY BOBO CASE: Tennessee detectives claim they are being flooded with tips and clues in the Holly Bobo case. And now, they feel confident they may be just one clue away from solving the baffling disappearance. Bobo, 20, a pretty blonde nursing student and the cousin of country cutie Whitney Duncan was dragged into the woods near her home in Parsons a month ago by a man in cam. She has not been seen since.
* SUSPECT IN POST OFFICE BRIBERY SCAM SHOT IN '93: For shame Cliff Klaven! Described at one time as one of the worst bosses in the U.S.
Postal Service, manager Bruce Plumb survived a 1993 Michigan post office shooting but now has bigger problems. The 61-year-old postie is apparently a model of public service. He was indicted in Detroit for taking bribes which included: cash, hookers and erectile dysfunction pills from a contractor. Two were killed in the '93 shootings.

* IN-LAWS WHO HID JUNKIE MOM'S BODY "HEARTLESS COWARDS": Melissa Best, 34, mom of two. Dead of a heroin overdose. Chicago cops say her sister-in-law, Sherry Best, gave her the heroin. While her husband, Clinton Best, searched frantically for Sherry his brother Charles never said what happened.  He said: “To allow someone to die and then hide them to the point where they cannot be found for ten days — causing us to have to worry about what has happened to them — shows just how heartless and cowardly these people are. Melissa vanished April 15.

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