Sunday, May 8, 2011


WELLNESS indeed! A Memphis school teacher, who taught 'wellness' is undeniably a barrel of fun. How many teachers have sex with students and then text nude pix of themselves as a reminder of the special moment? Stacy L. Hopkins does. The 28-year-old educator was busted Thursday and charged with two counts of stat rape by an authority figure and two counts of soliciting sexual exploitation of a minor.
The vixen's hormone charged hijinks began unraveling when an ex-boyfriend tipped off official at Arlington High that our Stacy had been a wee bit saucy and had sent nude pix to the boys. The two teens--now 16 and 18--fessed up they had intercourse with the pretty educator. She apparently confessed to cops. She is listed as a “wellness” or physical education teacher and paid $43,000 a year. She
is also listed as an assistant girls basketball coach.

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