Thursday, May 19, 2011


A YOUNG mom is fighting for life after being shot five times by her boyfriend who then killed their young son and himself in a horrific murder suicide.
Shannon Paolini, 27 was blasted five times while trying to flee from the home she shared with gun wielding maniac Gammall Perez who then turned the gun on himself after a six-hour standoff with cops.
Police chief Todd Evans said two officers found him at the house but when they tried to talk to him he gave them seconds to leave.
 “At that point, he (Perez) starts a countdown: five, four, three and so forth,” he told The Colorado Springs Gazette.
Neighbour Tiffany LaGuardia added that Paolini ran out of the house, was shot and then collapsed as she tried getting into a pick-up truck.She added: "She came out screaming and yelling for help. He came out shooting her. He came chasing her down, gunned her down."
Cops then tried to contact Perez on the phone and public address system for several hours before a SWAT team entered the home, which was doused in gasoline and found the bodies on Monday night.

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