Friday, July 8, 2011


IT didn't take much investigation at the scene of the crime for cops to realize that drugs were involved. Former CSI star Gary Dourdan had rammed several parked cars with his erratic driving last month and when officer's searched him they found a number of Oxycodone pills on him. Officers initially thought the actor who played Warwick Brown on the the popular TV show, was holding onto some ecstasy, but tests later revealed that it was the super strong painkiller, dubbed "Hillbilly Heroin" by some.
A friend of the star said: "We're all very worried about him. In a way he was
lucky this time because he didn't hit anyone, but he still needs to straighten
himself out.  
"We're hoping this will serve as a wake up call for Warwick to clean up his act, because he's a supremely talented actor, who risks throwing everything away with crazy behavior like this."        
This isn't the first time Dourdan's been in trouble for drug possession, E Online reports.
In 2008 the actor was charged with felony possession of heroin, cocaine and ecstasy after cops found him asleep in his car and parked on the wrong side of the street in Palm Spring, Calif.

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