Tuesday, July 19, 2011


CHICAGO TEEN Danielle Dennis-Towne had hoped to join the military in the fall. Instead, she is lying dead in a Virginia morgue, allegedly murdered by a friend.
Cops say blood and personal items found on a rural trail have led them to charge Enrico Luciano Mascaro, 19, with murder in the death of his friend Dennis-Towne. The two had been reported missing and authorities have not yet ID'd the body but sources say it is pretty blonde, Danielle Dennis-Towne. The body was found in the trunk of
Mascaro's car in Clifton Forge, Virginia, expected to be indicted today by cops in North Carolina. The young woman had been visiting Mascaro and his parents in Nags Head. They had been friends in Chicago.
But when they disappeared, his parents called the cops and reported them missing. According to The Virginian-Pilot, a couple hiking in the area spotted the blood and personal items.
Kitty Hawk Police Chief David Ward said: "We went up there and discovered that it looked like a possible crime scene. There was stuff there that linked us to get into conversation with Nags Head. That's when we found out that they were working a missing persons. The two cases kind of collided at that point."
One of the Dennis-Towne's relatives said: "We're all just so sad. It's the worst nightmare a family can ever imagine."

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