Sunday, August 14, 2011


A COP KILLER is in custody after he senselessly shot an officer for pointing a stun gun at his two dogs. 
George Hitcho Jr allegedly blasted officer Robert Lasso, 31 with a shotgun after he attempted to make him control his animals. 
The 46-year-old had apparently told him couldn't come onto his Freemansburg, PA property and then in a moment of madness he aimed a stun gun at the dogs he blasted the married father of two. 
But although he was rushed to hospital, he was pronounced dead shortly afterwards. 
His mom Elsie Stem told The Express Times: "He was so loved, especially by his kids. Now they have to grow up without a daddy. It's not fair.

"It's a senseless death that should and could have been avoided. " 
Police Chief George Bruneio, who arrived after Mr Lasso requested assistance, instructed him to 'shoot the dogs' and that's when the homeowner pulled out a shotgun and fired, authorities said.
Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett has ordered flags in the Capitol complex and in Northampton County to be flown at half-staff to honour Officer Lasso, who's funeral will be held Tuesday.

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