Friday, September 23, 2011


THE mystery deaths at a millionaire medical mogul's mansion took another strange twist yesterday, when it emerged that Jonah Shacknai's son may have suffocated. 
Until now it was believed that six-year-old Max Shacknai had died from injuries he sustained when  fell the grand staircase in his father's luxurious 27-bedroom Coronado, CA, home known locally as Speckles mansion. 
His death was ruled accidental by the San Diego medical examiner, but newly obtained warrants from the Coronado Police Department show the boys physician, Dr Brad Peterson was quoted saying suffocation may have occurred prior to his fall. 
One of them reads: "He did not feel the visible injuries were consistent with the cardiac arrest and brain swelling experienced by Shacknai."
Two days later the mystery deepened when his father's girlfriend Rebecca Zahau, who was supposed to be looking after Max when he fell, was found hanging from naked, from the mansion's balcony with her arms and legs bound. 
Investigators said she died at about 3am and was found at 6.45am by Adam Shacknai, who was staying in a guest house. 
Her death was ruled suicide, but as we reported here, her sister Mary Zahau Loener has disputed that ruling. 
Even Shacknai himself, has called for her case to be reopened, as we reported here.
However the LA Times reports that the California attorney general has declined that request.
In a letter to him, they said the California Department of Justice would conduct such an investigation only "under very narrow circumstances."

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