Thursday, May 30, 2013


A two-year search for missing Missouri mother of triplets Jacque Sue Waller has ended in heartache. Cops say the pretty blonde 39-year-old's remains were discovered Wednesday.
Waller was last seen on June 1, 2011 shortly after she attended a meeting with her estranged husband, James "Clay" Waller to discuss their impending divorce. Her SUV was later found abandoned by the side of the highway near Fruitland, MO. -- several miles away from her house.

Detectives liked Clay Waller for the murder almost since the beginning. Prosecutors said Waller's husband told his father he murdered his wife and dumped her body in a hole, reported. 
Clay Waller's father died in December 2011. Clay Waller will stand trial for first-degree murder this fall. He is currently doing a five year jolt in a federal pen for threatening Jacque's sister in an online posting. Her triplets -- now 7 years old -- are living with her sister.

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