Monday, June 10, 2013


A CALLOUS con artist who
pocketed all the cash she claimed to be raising for one of the Sandy Hook school shooting victims, pled guilty Thursday.
Shameless huckster Nouel Alba, 37, set up a Facebook page claiming to the aunt of six-year-old Noah Pozner, within hours of the horrific killing spree.
He was one of the 20 children to die in the attack by nutjob Adam Lanza, who also killed six adults in elementary school, before turning the gun on himself.
Capitalising on the tragedy Alba began collecting money which she claimed was to help pay for his funeral expenses.
Using a specially set up Paypal account, which received $240 before in the six days it was running.
One day after setting it up she sent an e-mail to the Sandy Hook PTA asking for donations.
It was only when cops interviewed Pozner's parents Lenny and Valerie, that they realised the page was a scam and Alba was arrested days later.
Alba who claims she sent the money back, accepted a plea deal on charges of wire fraud and making a false statement, which could give her six-months in jail unless prosecutors ask for a longer sentence.
In theory she could face a maximum of 25-years behind bars.

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