Friday, September 26, 2014

FOREIGN 1: Killers had sex with Paige Chivers corpse

Handout Image. Use is subject to restrictions and may need permission from a third party. Please call +44 (0)115 8447 447 for further information before using this Image.British cops have unraveled a 7-year-old cold case that's stomach-churning in its twisted nature. Cops say they have charged Robert Ewing, 59, and Gareth Dewhurst, 45, in the mysterious disappearance and murder of Paige Chivers, 15, from her Blackpool home. Ewing gets the murder beef... Dewhurst had sex with her dead body. They were arrested earlier this week, the Daily Mirror reports.
Her body has never been found and detectives were tight-lipped on what led to the charge. Reports say she had been distraught over the death of her mom 6 months before she vanished.
Shockingly, her father Frank was murdered last year.

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