Thursday, September 25, 2014

Hannah Graham suspect Jesse Matthew nabbed

Jesse Matthew seen on surveillance camera in Galveston. PHOTO: KTRK via CNN.
GALVESTON , Texas -- The man suspected of kidnapping missing University of Virginia student Hannah Graham was traced by a phone call cops say. Jesse Matthew, 33, was arrested Wednesday in the Texas beach town of Galveston.  According to detectives, Matthew made a call from a borrowed cell phone in Louisiana back to Virginia tipping them off he was out of state. 
"Most criminals make a mistake," said forensics expert Mike Banks.  “This was his; I don’t think that he presumed that everyone back home would have their phone tapped and I presume they had legal wire taps on all phones.”
As for Hannah, 18, police still have no idea where she is -- although her family and investigators fears the worst. MORE FROM CBS6

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