Thursday, October 9, 2014

Kelli Stapleton jailed for trying to murder daughter

DETROIT --A mom who tried to kill her autistic teenager in what she described as a failed murder-suicide attempt was sentenced to 10 to 22-years in prison.
Kelli Rai Stapleton, 46, admitted to driving her daughter Isabelle, now 15, to an isolated spot in rural Michigan, giving her a sleep-inducing drug and placing two charcoal-burning grills insider their van. She claimed that she had been at her wits ends after years of violent attacks and a failure to find affordable and effective treatment.
Both survived the attack, but Isabelle was in a coma for four days and suffered brain damage. She largely recovered, although she still has memory loss and problems with balance.

Stapleton pleaded guilty last month to first-degree child abuse in a bargain with prosecutors who dismissed an attempted murder charge.  
Circuit Judge James Batzer ordered she serve a minimum of 10-years before becoming eligible for parole.

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