Friday, October 17, 2014

Polish pimps tattoo names on hookers as 'reward'

Police said the ink was forced on the women, who spent four years working for the gang in Gdansk.The men say the women willingly inked themselves with their pimps' names.GDANSK, POLAND -- A twisted trio of Polish pimps tattooed their names on their hookers to claim them as property. The barbaric Baranowski brothers considered the bizarre markings as a "reward" for good work and loyalty. The sick tattoos were discovered afters cops raided a whorehouse and found 70 women inside -- many with their owners names inked onto their arms, legs and torsos. The hookers told cops they willingly worked for Leszek, 26, Pawel, 34, and Olek Baranowski, 31.
"Many of the women they were using were forced into the business, but at the moment we don't have any evidence that those that were tattooed were forced to undergo the procedure under duress,” prosecution spokesman Mariusz Marciniak said.

One of the women had “faithful bitch to Leszek” tattooed down her body, and another that said “I love my Lord and Master, property of Leszek,”on  her leg.
One prostitute had the lyrics to Bryan Adams' 'Please Forgive Me' written down her back. 

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