Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Murdered for Messing with Mail
Evil Neighbour
EVIL OLD-TIMER Paul Stark has been found guilty of brutally raping and murdering his teen next door neighbour because she messed with his mail.
Ashley Patterson’s body was found in a black trash bag with hands bound with plastic zip ties and her feet sticking out,  shocking the tiny Pueblo West community, near Denver where she lived. An autopsy revealed that the 14-year-old had also been raped.
Attention soon turned to Stark after Cops found tire tracks and video of his truck in the field where her body was found.
Until then he’d seemed to many to be little more than your average grumpy neighbour. But when officers questioned him they noticed blood on his clothing – Ashley’s blood.
Inside Stark's bedroom, investigators found a sneaker and an earring now known to be Ashley's, as well as blood and hair strands on the sheets.
Her glasses, the second sneaker and two zip ties similar to the ones she was bound with were found in a trash bin near Stark's home.
All were identified by her traumatised mother Jennifer.
Stark showed no emotion this week when found guilty of five counts including 1st degree murder and sentenced to life in prison.
He also offered no explanation as to why he would commit such a horrific crime.
The only reason was offered shortly after his arrest by his wife Mary who told investigators that three weeks before Ashley’s death Stark had contacted authorities to complain that Ashley had been going through mailboxes in the neighborhood.

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