Wednesday, January 26, 2011


A TRAGIC mom who shot her three children and set the family home on fire may have done it for revenge.
Online postings from Amanda Bennett, 30, who turned the gun on herself after shooting 14-year-old Jasmine Abbott,  Katelynn, nine and four-year-old Ryan reveal she may have been upset at a divorce from her husband.
"You got what you wanted, no wife and no kids," she'd purportedly typed in one.
Jasmine, the teenager, had made references to marital problems between her parents and a possible divorce on a social networking site.
Their bodies, all with gunshot wounds to the head, were discovered on Friday when police in Austin, Indiana went to conduct a welfare check.

"Upon arriving, the officer had to make a forced entry into the residence," Indiana State Police said Monday in a statement.
"Once in the residence, he saw parts of the home had suffered recent fire damage and also located four deceased persons in the home.
"While the investigation remains open until autopsy reports are finalized, indications are this case is a tragic case of murder/suicide that claimed three innocent lives along with the suspect of the murders, Amanda Bennett."
The family's dog was also shot but survived.

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