Wednesday, February 9, 2011


No parole for you, dude
WORLD RENOWNED skateboarder Mark Rogowski has been denied parole in the 1991 sex slaying of Jessica Bergsten. The skateboarder--known as Gator--killed Bergsten, a friend of his former gal pal, Brandi McClain.
The overgrown adolescent told cops he took Bergsten to his apartment in Carlsbad, California, bashed her over the head, raped her for three hours and then choked her to death. He buried her body in the desert. Rogowski claims he murdered the pretty young woman as revenge on his ex.
 "Gator" was considered one of the top skateboard tricksters of his day with a magnetic personality to boot parlaying his fame into big bucks.

Pablo Smith, the owner of Soul Grind skateboarding shop in Mission Beach, told San Diego's 10News, "How big was he? Gosh, huge, huge. These guys were the ones who pushed the envelope and brought skating to a level that had never even been dreamed of."
 As for Rogowski's conviction, Smith said, "We were just shocked. You have someone with so much going for them and so much success and all of a sudden, 'Uh oh, whoa."
Rogowski will have another crack at seven years. See ya later Gator.

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