Monday, March 7, 2011


A DRUNKEN party at prestigious Yale University may have crossed the line from salacious fun into sexual assault and hazing Cops say
Halfway through the riotous party attendees were told to strip out of the costumes they'd arrived in as part of a ritual to join the Pundits - the college's private society prank group.
After that they were forced to kiss each other while one male had a penis forcibly pushed against his face at the 50 strong event.

Others, including underage students were hospitalized after being forced to drink copious amounts of booze The Yale Daily News reports.
Yale Police Chief Ronnell A. Higgins notified the campus police received information about a possible sexual assault involving undergraduate.
 The events are still under investigation.
At least one of the attendees seemed to think the party was nothing more than usual, rowdy, college hijinks, according to the Police report.
Yale College Dean Mary Miller said: "I am deeply disturbed by initial reports of heavy drinking by underage students in a context that could be construed as hazing.
“Yale College does not tolerate hazing or intimidation: I’m well aware that a feature of hazing is that it can be difficult for someone victimized by it to come forward.”

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