Monday, March 7, 2011


MISSING teen Micaela Costanzo's body has been found in a shallow grave and cops have launched a murder hunt to catch her killer.
The pretty 16-year-old, known as "Mickey" to pals vanished walking home from West Wendover High School last Thursday.
But after a huge searched, including many community members, a volunteer found her body in a shallow grave in the Nevada Desert about five miles west of the town.      
Police Chief Ron Supp said finding the body in such a remote landscape was fortunate adding: "Many of our staff has referred to it as divine intervention."
But while there are no concrete clues pointing to a suspect he said: "I
am relatively confident in our department and the rest of the people that are involved here that we will solve this case."

Micaela's distraught mother told ABC News: "This is not over yet until the person or persons responsible are brought to justice."
Friends, shocked by her death said Costanzo was a good student and was well-liked by her classmates.
Laura Botello said: "She was so sweet, like she would never do anything to anybody. 'Then just out of nowhere she disappears just like that in broad daylight. Nobody saw her?"
School officials opened the high school for staff and students to gather on Saturday. Students created makeshift memorials with flowers and candles.

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