Tuesday, April 26, 2011


GUN nut Jared Loughner's primary target Gabrielle Giffords has recovered enough from being shot in the head to watch her husband blast off into space.
Mark Kelly had feared his wife wouldn't be able to watch his shuttle launch this week because doctors feared the journey to and from the launch site would be too much for her. But the Republican congresswoman has now been given permission by her neurosurgeon to wave her husband into the skies.
Kelly told CBS: "They've given us
permission to take her down to the launch. I'm excited about that, yes."
When Giffords heard she'd be able to attend the launch, "she said, 'awesome' and she pumped her fist," Kelly added.
The congresswoman suffered a brain injury after she was shot in the head at a community event on January 8 in Tucson, AZ and still finds it hard to walk and communicate but "her personality's a hundred percent there," he explained.
Part of Giffords' skull is still missing, though doctors plan to reattach it, although it still remains unclear as to whether she will recover fully.

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