Wednesday, April 27, 2011


PSYCHO serial killer Nolan Ray George had a "signature style" choking his victims with their underwear a court heard yesterday.
Back in 1968 The 67-year-old is accused of plying Gwendolyn Perry, 36, with booze and strangling her with her own hosiery while sexually assaulting her.
He confessed to the killing 42 years ago, but prosecution was not pursued at the time because of his conviction in a 1969 murder of Fran Brown - in exactly the same way. 
Then in October 1982 murder of Cindy Garland of Ohio was attacked in the same way but her death was ruled from exposure after she was
assaulted and left in a rural area.
Nolan served a 10 stretch for her manslaughter.
Seeking life behind bars for the cold blooded killer, assistant prosecutor John Skrzynski told the Detroit, MI court: "It almost amounts to a signature. Nolan Ray George's signature. The method he used to kill people."
He told jurors they will hear testimony from two of George's former inmates on how he bragged of killing "six to seven women" in the Pontiac area and how "he liked to see them moving and shaking … it excited him …"
The Perry case was dusted off in 2009 when it was learned George was free but still suspected in other unsolved deaths in Michigan, Ohio and Kentucky.
At least one death occurred in Ohio since his last release. 
But Defense attorney Michael McCarthy told jurors the physical evidence against his client was "pretty thin."
He added that there were crucial differences between the cases. 
The trial continues.

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