Sunday, May 22, 2011


DESPITE his tender years three-year-old Davion Powell touched the lives of all who knew him, before he was cruelly robbed of his life when a stray bullet came through his apartment window.
As gang members apparently fought it out outside, the toddler was happily playing in his Louisville, KY when he was shot in the head, devastating his friends and family.
Gwen Jordan, Davion's daycare provider described him as a child "everybody loved" at a huge memorial service for him. She told Wave 3 "He was a loving little boy. know just...very lovable." Jordan said. Everybody loved him at the daycare."
She added that Davion's mom had been into his daycare with postcards of her son.
"She was doing good, but I know she's very tore up. She's very hurt. Her emotions...she's so sorry that her son done this. She wanted justice. She wanted her son to turn himself in. She wanted justice.
"I don't understand how these kids are getting a hold of guns." Jordan said "We've got to stop all of this you know, killing each other."
Prime suspect Roderick Moss, 21  turned himself into police Friday evening.
He plead not guilty to a charge of murder and was held on $1 Million bond.

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