Friday, July 15, 2011


THEY WERE among the most notorious murders of the 1970s. An ugly chain of unsolved child killings in suburban Detroit know as the Oakland County Child Murders. Now, they are being looked at again as part of a cold case task force examining 30 unsolved homicides.
A law enforcement official said: "The grand jury is hearing information related to one of the child slayings of the 1970s, but as far as I know, there is no new
information or hot leads."
Four children were abducted from Oakland County between February 1976 and March 1977 during a time of terror. However, there's a very good chance the killer is long dead and buried. The Detroit News in May reported that a DNA hit linked James Vincent Gunnels to Kristine Mihelich, a victim. His DNA matched a hair fragment found on the dead girl's shirt. Gunnels was a boyhood pal of Christopher Busch,
In May, The News reported a DNA match linked recently paroled James Vincent Gunnels to Kristine Mihelich, one of the victims. Gunnels' DNA matched a hair fragment found on Kristine's shirt. Gunnels was a childhood friend of one of the nephews of Christopher Busch, a convicted pedophile suspected of being involved in the killings. Busch killed himself in 1978, a year after the killings stopped. Gunnels has told cops Busch molested him at the family cottage.
The Oakland County Child Killer came to be known as "The Babysitter" because each victim had been bathed prior to their murder. Investigators also found white animal hair on each victim, noting that the Busch family had a white Welsh terrier at the time of the murders.

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