Tuesday, June 14, 2011


WAS IT A guilty conscience? His motive is unclear but in a homicide case that generated zero suspects after four hard years, detectives will take what they can get. Kirk Jared Rivers, 22, on the left, calmly walked into Sacramento County Sheriff’s department Monday morning bearing a note in which he claimed responsibility for the 2007 killing of John Pogacar, 39, according to spokesman Jason Ramos. Rivers, 18 at the time of the killing, gave no immediate indication of his motive for the crime, nor for waiting four years to confess. Cops, naturally enough, were immediately skeptical.

It was a case that generated few leads but after an interview cops claim that Rivers was privy to details that only the killer could know. John Pogacar was viciously stabbed several times at his home near Rancho Cardova – his body discovered by his father. With the news of Rivers’ confession, friends and relatives are ecstatic at the prospect of closure. One of Pogacar’s close friends, Jesse Jurado said: "We are overjoyed; we are so happy. We’ve been praying to God that this is what we’ve been waiting for. His family needs closure.”
Rivers is charged with murder without bail at the Sacramento County Main Jail. He arraignment takes place later this week.

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