Friday, June 10, 2011


BAREFOOT Bandit Colton Harris Moore could reach a plea deal this week his lawyer has revealed. 
The troublesome 19-year-old who has no formal flight training, pilfered at least five planes and dozens of car and boats as he evaded capture for a string of burglaries over the last two or three years.
Eventually, he flew a light plane from his home in Vancouver Island to the Caribbean, landing in the Bahamas, where a $10,000 FBI reward and a huge law enforcement team caught up with him.
His already lengthy list of more than 70 crimes across nine states.
Moore's defense attorney, John Henry Browne, told reporters afterward that a plea deal on the overall federal case could be finalized later on Thursday, but would not be made public for about a week.
He was indicted on a total of six federal charges, including interstate transportation of a stolen plane, boat and a gun, as well as being a fugitive in possession of a firearm and flying a plane without a pilot's license.
He also pleaded not guilty on Thursday to a newly filed burglary charge, which stemmed from the theft from an automated teller machine.

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