Monday, August 22, 2011


COPS think they have finally caught the wig wearing bank robber dubbed the "bad hair bandit."
Crossing the pacific northwest with her cat and a suitcase full of cheap ill fitting wigs, FBI agents believe Cynthia Van Holland was behind at least 19 heists.
Using a non violent approach, the 47-year-old would walk up to the tills and hand the cashier a note claiming she was armed and demanding cash.
Then, once she got the cash, she returned to Idaho where she worked as a prison nurse.

But after a string of robberies, the "bad hair bandit" is thought to have run into bad luck after an alert witness saw her running to a car after the robbery of a Bank of West branch office in Auburn, CA on Monday and noted the license number.
Shortly afterward, Placer County sheriff’s deputies arrested Ms. Van Holland, 47, and the driver of the silver Sebring, her husband, Christopher Alonzo, 26.
Department spokeswoman Dena Erwin said Van Holland has "definitely been cooperating with detectives" and had provided enough clues for them to conclude she was the robber of bad hair fame.
Bond was set at $500,000 in a hearing held on Thursday in Placer County Superior Court in California.

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