Tuesday, August 30, 2011


LAUREN Giddings' accused killer first became a person of interest, when he appeared distraught in various media appearances, cop told a court Monday.
And when they took a closer look, they claim that found the evidence they think will convict 25-year-old law graduate Stephen Mark McDaniel.
Among his possessions was a master key to an apartment where 27-year-old Lauren Giddings lived next door and packaging for a hacksaw.
A hacksaw was later found splattered with Giddings blood in a nearby laundry room.
Investigators said McDaniel's former roommate told them McDaniel had talked openly about how to
commit the "perfect murder."
It all added up to one thing for them - their killer.
Police Det. David Patterson said he arrived at the apartment complex across the street from the university and noticed an odor and flies buzzing around a flip-top garbage can outside her Macon, GA, complex.
A sergeant searched it and found the bag stuffed with Giddings' torso as McDaniel as others were being interviewed by investigators.
The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that he was alarmed that McDaniel made distressed statements to a group of reporters who interviewed him before he knew Giddings was found dead.
In the interview, McDaniel said Giddings had told him "she was afraid to stay in her apartment" because she believed someone had recently tried to break in
He told reporters: "I could have done something. I could have lent her a hand."
Prosecutors, meanwhile, said they were confident of their case in which McDaniel denies murder.
Bibb County District Attorney Greg Winters said: "The keys, the dogs, the hacksaw, the comments and the statements. These give the court probable cause."
The trial continues. 


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