Tuesday, August 30, 2011


MY NAME Is Earl star Jamie Pressly's art imitated life as she was sentence to three years of informal for drunk driving. The Emmy Award winning actress, who played mouthy adulteress Joy Turner on the hit show was busted with a blood alcohol content of more than .20, well over the legal limit of .08. A police insider said: "She was pretty hammered at the time, way too drunk to be driving at the time and the officers had no choice but to bust her. "Let's just say she was one of the more attractive busts we've had down at the station."
Santa Monica Deputy City Attorney Melanie Skehar said her attorney entered the plea, which will require the star, who has often appeared in FHM's top 10 sexiest women, to attend a six-month alcohol education class as well as probation. She added that the Department of Motor Vehicles is also requiring an ignition locking device be installed on her car.

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