Wednesday, August 10, 2011


IT HAS almost been four months since a camo-clad man dragged a terrified Holly Bobo into the Tennessee woods. Since then, there have been few traces and few clues as to her whereabouts. Now, her family are desperate to find her. The 20-year-old Tennessee nursing student's disappearance has stymied cops and despite thousands of volunteer hours, her fate remains a mystery.
Her mother Karen Bobo told NewsChannel5: "I'm just doing what any loving parent would do and that is pleading and begging for anyone to come in and help."

On the openline show with hubby Dana and son Clint, Karen Bobo said she has had a hard time understanding the TBI's initial suspicion of Holly's brother. He was the first to be interrogated and the last to see her alive.
Clint Bobo said:  "I spend every day and some effort to try to bring Holly home and I either search or I go around a different local businesses and towns and distribute fliers."
Several callers offered hope and support to the family, including Bo Tuders, the father of still missing Tabitha Tuders. Karen Bobo added Natalie Holloway's mom called Sunday. EXCLUSIVE BOBO FAMILY INTERVIEW

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