Tuesday, August 23, 2011


A SCOTTISH Elvis Presley fan who vanished during celebrations of the King's birthday has been found--but not the way friends and family had hoped. Memphis police say they found a woman's body near where Gerrie Lawrie, 40, of Aberdeen, Scotland was staying. So far, there is no cause of death.
Lawrie had been reported missing Saturday. It was her sixth visit to the music capital and home base of Elvis central where he lived and died. When she didn't fly home to Aberdeen as scheduled people became worried. The mother of
two was so smitten with Elvis and the southern city that she spoke of moving there.

Friend John Helms said he was unable to get hold of her. He said: "Either she has turned off communication or else someone has for her."

Richard Stables, president of the Elvis-Aberdeen fan club, said: "I am very sad to hear this news. Gerrie was a much loved member of our fan club here in Aberdeen and our thoughts go out to all her family at this very sad time." MYSTERIOUS DEATH OF ELVIS FAN

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