Tuesday, September 13, 2011


INCONSPICUOUS. That's it. Meet Hells Angel Caius "Headcase" Veiovis (hey, we thought the Angels were going for a more low-key approach these days.) The 31-year-old biker and two other club members were arrested in the slaying of a witness set to testify against a gang kingpin. Also charged were David Chalue, 44, and Adam Lee Hall, 34. Two others were killed in the weekend massacre Sunday in Berkshire, Massachusetts. Cops say the trio murdered canary David Glasser, 44. Now, Caius as if to say to the police, search me, please has a face adorned with horn implants, a 666 tattoo,  a nose ring and lots of other alternative goodies. All three men pleaded not guilty to the murders of Glasser, Eddie Frampton,
58, and Robert Chadewell, 47. The three men disappeared on the weekend of Aug. 27-28 from a Pittsfield, Mass., home shared by Glasser and Frampton. MORE IN THE NY DAILY NEWS

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