Wednesday, September 21, 2011


IT WAS a sinister crime. On March 2, 2010, Jacob Nodarse broke into a suburban Chicago home and in cold blood murdered Jeffrey Kramer, 50, his wife Lori, 48,  and son Michael, 20, as part of a murder for hire. Yesterday he pleaded guilty but mentally ill to killing the trio and will spend most of the next 45 years behind bars. According to cops, Johnny Borizov, 29--who still faces murder and solicitation of murder charges-- planned the massacre to end his bitter child custody battle with ex gal pal Angela
Kramer, who hid in a closet to escape the carnage. A masked Nodarse smashed a window of the Kramer home with a hammer, then rushed through the house in the dark, firing a handgun at anyone he found, prosecutors said.
State's Attorney Robert Berlin said: "Today, Jacob Nodarse took responsibility for his role in the murders of Jeffrey, Lori and Michael Kramer. With his truthful testimony in the case against Mr. Borizov, we hope to bring the truth to surface in this horrible case.”

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