Wednesday, April 6, 2011


THE man alleged to be the brutal serial killer dubbed the "grim sleeper" maybe responsible for at least eight more murders Cops said yesterday.
Lonnie Franklin Jr was indicted last month for 10 killings in south Los Angeles, but now detectives are focusing on more women, all of whom had connections with Franklin at some point.
Six were missing persons, one is an unsolved murder and the eighth has not been identified.   
LA Police Chief Charlie Beck have asked for public help with these specific cases, although it's feared that there could potentially be hundreds more victims.   
Franklin Jr is accused of murdering 10 girls and women, aged between
14 and 36 between 1985 and 2007 most of whom were found dumped in South Los Angeles covered in debris. 

An 11th victim amazingly survived after he drove her to a secluded location in his sporty Ford Pinto and shot her in the chest, but amazingly she was startled awake by the flash of his Polaroid camera, as he sexually assaulted her.
Cops finally  linked him to the crimes after  a DNA database showed a convicted felon, his 28-year-old son, matched the genetic blueprint found at 15 crime scene locations.  
When they arrested him they found photographs and videos of another 100 women at his home.

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