Saturday, September 17, 2011


A 'WILD' soccer mom is accused of sexting her son's 14-year-old pal and showing them a porn film and plying them with booze. 
Susan Hammond, 47, who describes herself as a 'wild hot soccer mom' on her Facebook profile sent the explicit messages describing a sex act she'd like to perform on one of them. 
Cops now believe that other illegal activity may now have taken place between them. 
She is also alleged to have shown them the X-rated film called 'The Wedding' starring British porn star Poppy Morgan. 

The three boys were all friends from playing on the local soccer team with Hammond an enthusiastic supporter.
She was caught after the mother of one of the teens tipped off police about the porn show and she has now been charged with disseminating obscene material to minors. 
She was released from custody after posting $10,000 bond. 
One parent who did not wish to be identified told WACH: "I feel like people need to understand, that just because they know somebody on the soccer field, it doesn't mean they know who they are.
"She was the soccer mom, somebody we all thought we knew and could trust."
She added that the soccer team is still practicing together, and many of the boys are embarrassed about the situation.


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