Saturday, October 1, 2011


A FORMER model who killed her husband, skinned his body and then cooked him up in barbecue sauce is now seeking parole authorities say.
Egyptian born cannibal Omaima Aree Nelson, boiled, breaded, deep-fried and--yes--ate body parts, dipping the ribs in barbecue sauce and later joking, "Nothing tastes as good as the man I married. It's the sauce that does it."
Driving around the country in her husband red corvette, she met her ex-boyfriends and cooked up Bill Nelson's decapitated head, fried his hand in cooking oil and when all was said and done, 80 pounds of him were never recovered. 
At her 1993 Deputy Disttrict Attorney Randolph J. Pawloski told jurors Nelson was a "predator" who planned to flee the area with his car, cash and credit cards after the grisly slaying.
He told the court that she'd shackled her husband to a bed during what he believed to be sex-play. Instead, she murdered him with a pair of scissors and an iron and then began dismembering him.
Nelson however claimed that she was under severe stress and her husband often physically and sexually abused her and that she had killed him in self defense.
A psychological evaluation did show that she did have post-traumatic stress disorder, but a jury nonetheless convicted her of murder and sentenced to 28-years.
But after the 17 years behind bars she is entitled to parole for the first time and she will face a parole board in Chowchilla State Prison next Wednesday.

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