Tuesday, October 18, 2011


THE FAMILY of missing Lisa Irwin have hired the same lawyer who once defended deadly Dutchman Joran Van Der Sloot.
Deborah Bradley who admitted in an interview with Fox News that she was drunk before her 11-month-old went missing and may even have blacked out after sharing a bottle of wine with a pal.
She also acknowledged that she had lied about the last time she'd seen the baby, changing the time from 10:30 at night to 6:40 in the evening.
But although she insists she didn't do anything to her daughter, she said after the latest round of questioning by investigators, she will be arrested.
She told The Today Show: “Judging on how the questioning went, that’s kind of the fear that I have. The main fear is that if they arrest me, people are going to stop looking, and I’ll never see her again, and I’ll never know what happened.’’  
As a result, along with her husband Jeremy Bradley they have hired the prominent New York defense attorney Joe Tacopina, who once represented Joran Van Der Sloot - the dutchman suspected in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway.  
He said it was natural for police to focus on the parents adding: "The police have to start with the mother and father, they absolutely have to.
"They're the first people they should look at. But don't come to a conclusion because there's no other answers."
Tacopina refused to say who was paying him, only saying he had been hired to counsel their parents through the investigation. He insisted they "have nothing to hide."
"I don't recall in recent history anyone under this umbrella of suspicion be so open and forthright, warts and all, regarding the events."

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