Friday, October 21, 2011


MEET Baby Dayn, who wants out and he's going to do whatever it takes, even though he's just one-and-a-half years old.
What he couldn't escape, was the crafty camera set up by his mom, who had struggled to figure out how the sneaky toddler was getting out of his crib every time she put him down for a nap. 
She'd assumed that it must have been a joint effort with his twin brother, who slept with him.
But the footage showed it was all his own work, although the cheeky look from his sibling shows that he knew exactly what was coming when his mom left the room.
Taking a sneaky peak to make sure the coast is clear, Dayn throws his leg on the top bar, hoists himself up and over and lands with a bump on the ground.
No tears from this tough nut though, as he resigns himself to the fact that this is the pain he must endure for freedom.   
But this kid has brains as well as brawn. 
Having clearly spotted his mom setting up the camera, he picks himself up, toddles over to the camera and decides to destroy the evidence.
He grabs the camera with both hands and pulls it off the shelf.Dayn's mother - who calls herself 'Momof6boys' - posted the clip on YouTube with the caption: "I think it is time for toddler beds."
Since it has gone viral, the video is gaining in popularity and is currently at almost 14,000 views.

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