Tuesday, November 29, 2011


A BEER sodden booze hound was so desperate for another drink that he launched a ferocious hatchet attack when he was refused another drink.
Mad Maykel Borges was hanging around at the Trailerama (brilliant name) trailer park in Miami and asking for beer, which some of the residents gave him.
But as he continued to demand more drink, he was eventually asked to leave.
The barmy booze hound did in fact go but he then returned armed with a hatchet and then he bgan to argue for more beer with the residents.
When they again refused his requests he started swinging at one man, cutting him on the side with it and drawing blood.
One terrified resident told CBS Miami: "This guy was crazy. He just kept asking for beer and he went mad when we wouldn't give him anything so he just started swinging.
"We'd already given him a few beers already. I don't know what he wanted. He should have gone to a bar or something."  
Deputies found the hatchet and tracked down Borges at his own trailer, not far away.
He was arrested, charged with aggravated assault and aggravated battery, and he was booked into jail.
The victim, thankfully only had a small cut on his side.

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