Wednesday, November 30, 2011


HE REMAINS prime suspect, but although he's been dubbed a "mean bastard" by the chief prosecutor, today Gary Giordano is a free man.
Quite what happened to his girlfriend, Robyn Gardner remains a mystery, but Giordano has denied any involvement in her death from the start.
Instead he has never wavered from his story that the saucy 35-year-old dental assistant, was swept away by strong currents while they were snorkelling off the holiday isle of Aruba.
Cops looked hard at Giordano who was having money troubles when he took out a whopping $1.5 million insurance policy on the former dental assistant before the trip.
But prosecutors have been unable to make anything stick and for the moment he's a free man although prosecutors say they are still trying to build a case against him.
They will also seek his extradition if an appeal's court ruling issues a reversal and orders the 50-year-old businessman back to jail.
Aruba Solicitor General Taco Stein maintains that Giordano is lying, saying: "We know for a fact that he is not telling the truth. We are determined to go on with this investigation, not only for ourselves and for justice, but for the relatives of Robyn Gardner."
He added: "We know he has been lying about what happened.We know his story is not true."
 Kelly Reed, a cousin of Gardner's, said the family hopes attention to the case will generate a lead that will help investigators resolve the case.
She said in a statement: "Needless to say, our family is very disappointed that even after all this time, we are no closer to finding out what happened to our Robyn.
"We trust that the FBI and the Aruban authorities will continue their fervent efforts to investigate her disappearance."

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