Tuesday, November 15, 2011


THERE ARE few people lower than a pimp. Particularly a pimp who preys on young girls, like say, Datqunn Sawyer of Chicago--one of the players in a massive sex trafficking ring. Yesterday, a courageous young woman nicknamed 'Pooh' told of her nightmare that started when she was 12. That's when Sawyer befriended her and took her to his crib where half a dozen girls also lived. Soon she was on the streets hooking with a daily quoto: sex with 5 to 15 men a day. On good days, the creep took her to McDonald's. The self-proclaimed rapper impregnated half the girls and nicknamed them all, starting with a P. But then the witness told of one day, she couldn't do it and took her high heels off and sobbed.

She told a Chicago court that Sawyer suddenly appeared: “You stupid b----, you’re supposed to be making my money.” He then battered her with the shoe until she was bleeding profusely.
She added: "“I was only a child. I was only a child!" MORE IN THE SUN-TIMES

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