Thursday, December 8, 2011


THOU Shalt not touch young boys.
A perverted youg Bible camp teacher sexually abused and sent saucy text messages to a 13-year-old boy she met a Christian study group.
Heather N. Daughdrill, 28, became infatuated with the youngster when she was teaching him about the good book and cops say she had "innappropriate sexual contact" with him between June and October this year.
Officers claimed she would pick him up from school without his parents knowledge and take him off for the saucy sex sessions.
Detectives also discovered as series of explicit text messages between the pair, according to The Town Talk.
A police source revealed: "There were a few shocked faces when we realized just what had been going on between the pair."
Daughdrill is charged with four counts of carnal knowledge of a juvenile; eight counts of sexual battery; three counts of 2nd degree kidnapping; one count contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile; and one count indecent behavior with a juvenile.
CPSO officials say that Daughdrill also has pending charges of felony carnal knowledge of a juvenile and three counts of 2nd degree kidnapping in Beauregard Parish with the same 13 year-old boy.
Bond has been at $47,000 at $200,000.

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