Thursday, December 8, 2011


But instead of radiation from a gamma bomb, I think we can safely put this one down to roid rage.
Cops say that naked, 300lb, bodybuilder, Ruben Azru vicously attacked a couple in their San Bernadino, CA, home.
Officers explained that the couple arrived home to find the nude muscleman on their front porch, but whe the 35-year-old husband confronted him, Azru exploded and began pummelling the guy.
Colton police Cpl. Ray Mendez told the San Bernadino Sun: "The suspect violently attacked the husband, causing major head trauma and injuries.
"As the husband is getting beaten, the wife comes out and the suspect shifts his attention to her."
Azru then picked up and threw the woman around, causing facial injuries and multiple deep cuts to the top of her head.
Mendez added: "It's a good thing our officers arrived on scene so quickly."
Azru fled the scene after the attack but neighbors surrounded him in a backyard of another home, but he wasn't done yet.  
Officers tried to taser the mad meathead, but he didn't respond to it.
Mendez explained: "It took four police officers to handcuff him and it took four sets of handcuffs to restrain him."
Arzu was booked on suspicion of attempted homicide, while his victims were receiving treatment.

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