Tuesday, December 6, 2011


BOY did this guy pick the wrong guy to mug. 
Walking up to the car, he probably thought the gun in his hand would be enough to get a good score. 
But what he hadn't banked on was his victim being a 6ft 2 and 250 pound mixed martial arts fighter who wasn't in the mood to be robbed.
After asking Justin, who did not wish his last name to be used, for a light, Miranda pulled the piece.
Justin told the Chicago Sun Times: "He asked me for my wallet, for my phone and my keys. I told him I don’t have a wallet, I only have cash. He cursed me — like ‘m-----f-----.’”
Justin said he handed over the $30 in cash he had stuffed in a his car’s cup holder, but Miranda was not satisified.
After the gun jammed when he tried to rack it, picked up the bullet and ordered Justin out of the car telling him: "Look, m-----f-----, it’s a hollow point. I’ll blow your brains out.’”
Looking at the man facing him, Justin said and was pretty certain he was about to take a bullet. 
But he remained calm and let his training take over.
Grabbed the mugger's gun, he wrestled with him and laid the smack down on the would be thief. 
By the time it was over Miranda had two black eyes and cuts to his face, but best of all he'd accidentally shot himself in the ankle with his own gun during the struggle.
Justin told officers at the scene that he was a mixed martial arts fighter.
Miranda was brought to a hospital for treatment before he was taken into custody on $350,000 bail on charges of armed robbery and aggravated discharge of a firearm.

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