Monday, August 15, 2011


A TWISTED granny who plotted to sell her baby grandson has been sentenced to five years behind bars.
Patty Bigbee, 47, accepted a check for $30,000 for two-month-old Aiden Flemming, with the full knowledge of her daughter Stephanie Bigbee-Davis, 22, who wanted to buy a car with the money.
In a weird twist the potential buyer was Danielle Skiver, who she had given up for adoption almost 30-years ago.
They had recently reconnected on Facebook when during one of their conversations Skiver mentioned that she wanted a baby.
Rather than offer support, Bigbee offered her grandson who she knew her other daughter didn't really want.
A shocked Skiver then alerted the authorities, who set up a sting operation on the oddball family WFOR reports.
Together with her partner Lawrence Works, Bigbee met FDLE agents posing as buyers and after a negotiation in which they started by asking $75,000 they eventually settled for a $30,000 check for the baby
FDLE spokeswoman Susie Murphy said Works, who was also charged with the illegal sale or surrender of a child, aided the transfer by placing the child’s belongings into the car he thought belonged to the woman buying the child. 
Patty Bigbee pleaded no contest in June to selling a child and communications fraud.
However this story may have a happy ending; the daughter Bigbee gave up for adoption now says she wants to adopt Aidan legally.

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  1. You can't take this kind of thing in. That any grandparent could stomach the idea of selling their grandchild is abhorrent but for the mother to have been a willing participant?

    Even if there were serious discussions as to whether Danielle would make a suitable mother, there's no justification for this. A child is not a commodity. Child protection isn't just something that gets talked about by social workers; it's a fierce, angry feeling that should be in every parent. The desire to protect your child.

    I do accept that this feeling can lead to a parent giving a child up for adoption, if they know they will not be able to give them a good life. But that feeling will never lead to you treating your child as something to be bought or sold. If you have that attitude towards your child, you are not fit to be a parent.