Monday, December 5, 2011


THEY say the first cut is the deepest but for Virginia Valdez' husband it was also the most painful - as she tried to cut off his penis with a pair of scissors. 
It's unclear how successful the 69-year-old was with her eye-watering attack, but it's believed that she didn't do a Bobbit and completely sever her husbands member. 
Her spouse 62, who's name has not been released called cops late Saturday and told them of the attack and when officers arrived they found him bleeding profusely and the bloody weapon nearby. 
“They were more heavy duty than the standard office scissors,”  Palm Springs Police Sgt. Kyle Stjerne told the Herald Sun, adding that they resembled poultry shears.
He added that the couple had been married for 32 years and the cause of Saturday’s fight remains under investigation.
He explained: “It was just a long-standing marital dispute, and we are not sure what caused her to do it."
Valdez was arrested on suspicion of mayhem, assault with a deadly weapon and spousal abuse.
Online jail records say she was released Sunday and is scheduled to appear in court next month.
Police say the man was treated at a hospital for injuries in the penis area and released.

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