Friday, May 31, 2013


A PEDOPHILE pre-school teacher who had one of the biggest child porn collections in U.S history has pled guilty to distributing his filthy collection.
Twisted David Paul Moe, left investigators stunned at the size of his collection, which featured young naked or partially nude young girls in sexually provocative poses, according to court documents.
On one of the hundreds of CD's they found in his home, Homeland Security officers revealed they found 4100 sickening images.
But that was just the tip of the iceberg for the 46-year-old, who for 18-years taught and directed before and after school programs at the Paddington Pre-School in Denver CO.
After snaring in a sting operation, officers also took six portable hard drives and two desktop computers, which adds up to more than six
terrabytes of data.
According to the original criminal complaint a typical image was one that, "depicts a minor female child, approximately eight-years-old.
"The female child is nude from the waist down, wearing a pink and white shirt. The female child is lying on both legs spread towards the camera."

Because of the deletions from public records, it is impossible to know whether any of the children in the images were his pupils, something flatly denied by the Paddington Pre-School.
But it is known that in 2001 he was accused of improperly touching a three-year-old, although that was never followed up on.
He also kept an 800 pages journal in which featured lines like: "Gave her a kiss on the cheek and no bad reaction.... I love her so much."
However while calling some of the entries "troubling" US Magistrate Judge Michael Heggarty wrote that none of the entries were illegal, adding it was,  "remarkable for demonstrating a lack of criminal intentions towards those children."
The Paddington School, which lost more than 20 percent of it's 300 or so children in the wake of the scandal said in a statement: "There remains no indication that the charges against Mr Moe included any involvement (photographs or otherwise) with any Paddington students."
They added that all staff had been trained, they had changed their pupil pick up and delivery system and CCTV had been installed at all doors.

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